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Road transport for/to Turkey, Iraq etc.

NADIN 2007 LTD is a Bulgarian carrier with most of 10 years of experience in the transport area. We regulary have loads from/to the following destinations:
- Bulgaria - South of Turkey (Mersin, Adana, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaras etc.)

- South of Turkey (Mersin, Adana, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaras etc.) - Bulgaria
- Bulgaria - Iraq

Our truck drivers and transport disponents speak fluent English, Turkish and Arabic so we are always fast and confident in the provided transport services.

Now we are searching for a long-term partners - producers or logistic companies. 
We truly believe in the advantages of an eventual collaboration.

Re: Road transport for/to Turkey, Iraq etc.


We are a Macedonian transport company with also long term excperience on these relations.

We are most interested with the relation to Iraq. We have frigo trucks and standard trucks. We are also interesten on the prices of the loads on these relations and how will be the payment method.

If we find ourselves on middle groud I think that our collaboration will be excelent.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Road transport for/to Turkey, Iraq etc.

Dear Sir,

maybe I did not make myself perfectly clear. We have enough trucks - both frigo and standard.

We are searching now not for carriers but for loadings.


 - БОРСА ЗА ТРАНСПОРТ И ТОВАРИ е интернет транспортна борса, предлагаща услуги в транспорта и спедицията, за фирми от България, Балканите и цяла Европа. Нашата борса за транспорт и товари предлага решения за мениджърите на транспортни , спедиторски и търговски фирми, които им помагат да изпълняват своите задачи по-бързо, по-лесно и по-ефективно.

С помощта борса за товари и транспорт ще ви бъде по-лесно да уплътните курсовете на своите камиони или да намерите транспорт за своите товари.

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